Individual found in Halawaka, AL is not Natalie UPDATED

UPDATE @4:49PMEST – Per Tabatha Jones, Natalie’s Sister, the individual below was not Natalie. Please keep praying for Natalie’s safe return and for the individual and their family that was located this afternoon.

From Natalie’s Sister, Tabatha Jones:

For everyone messaging me about the body found earlier today in Lee county, We’ve called Lee County. They said they know who the person is but they can’t give out information and IF it is Nat then heard county will contact us. So just say a prayer that it’s not her ! Please pray !!

Tabatha Jones via Facebook

Halawaka, AL is located about an hour south, southeast of the Jackson Gap where Natalie was last seen in person.

Information shows that the Lee County sheriff started a search and recovery dive operation in a lake located in Halawaka sometime around Noon EST.

Prayers, please.

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Edit @ 4PM EST –

Information has come out that the search was started for a young girl that was on the lake yesterday, July 11th, and left the boat she was on to use the restroom and never returned.

Also please see the image below for a sense of distance between the last place Natalie was seen in person and the location of this search.