Family updates search, reopens Facebook group.

As of right now there are no new leads. But the best way to help my sister right now is to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Share her story and share her pictures and reach as many states and cities as we can in hopes that someone has seen her and will come forward. I cannot stress enough if you see her or her car PLEASE call your local law enforcement so they can get straight to that area. And if you do find her car, do NOT touch it. Thank you !!! We will find you Natalie !! And we will never give up on you!!

Tabatha Jones – Natalie’s Sister

As of this afternoon, the family reopened the facebook group BRING NATALIE HOME!, saying

Dear friends,

We temporarily deactivated this page because we were told that it may interfere in the investigation of the disappearance of Natalie Jones. But now, things have changed. With a green light from the family and the authorities…..We’re back! And we’re more determined than ever to find Natalie! She needs our help. We’d like this page to be shared throughout the entire country and beyond. I believe that we can find her with a little faith and by everyone working together!

Jessica Lynn – Group Admin

The group can be located below.