Update from Natalie’s Family, July 25th

Because we are on Day 21 with no updates or substantial information, we have decided to start from the last place she was SEEN and retrace her steps. In order to find Natalie, we are going to start ruling OUT places. We know for a FACT that she was last SEEN in Jackson’s Gap, AL. Today Lake Martin was searched by the sweetest game warden and his team and no sign of Natalie was found. Next (with the approval of authorities) we will be flying helicopters over those three alternate routes back to Heard County and checking surveillance on the way to make 100% SURE she left Alabama. Then we will go from there once that is confirmed. Unfortunately, that is only the update I have at this point. And time is of the essence 😔 So pray for us please! Pray for my sweet sister. 💜

Tabatha Jones – Natalie’s Sister

If you see Natalie or her vehicle, call 911 from your location.

If you have information regarding Natalie’s whereabouts or any other information you think may help please contact the Heard County Sheriffs Office at 706-675-3329, or you may email tips@findnataliejones.com and your information will be forwarded to the authorities.