Natalie is still missing. A Response to Recent Media Reports and Social Media Post

We are aware of recent media articles and social media post that have brought into question an ex romantic interest of Natalie’s and the conjecture that he was involved in her current disappearance.

We, and the family, have received no information from the authorities in regards to this. While we understand the ease with which everyone can place connections in the events, it is important to remember that this is only conjecture and, thus far, is based in absolutely no facts.

We appreciate the fact that everyone wants to find Natalie and bring answers to her family, the manner and wording of the social media post have been such that it has become confusing to the public and has done nothing but to serve as a distraction, taking focus off the constant need to stay vigilant and get her name, photo and case in front of as many people as possible.

We are asking that what-ifs and whodunit’s be relegated to non public forums, if it must be done. Public facing information leading with text like “Natalie is not missing” is both untrue, but is damaging to the goal of everyone. To bring Natalie home.

This website and the Facebook page, will share information, factual information, in regards to Natalie’s case as soon as it is conveyed to us by authorities.

Again, thank you to everyone for your prayers and your support, for posting flyers, for keeping your eyes focused and reporting what you’ve seen.

If you see Natalie or her vehicle, call 911 from your location.

If you have information regarding Natalie’s whereabouts or any other information you think may help please contact the Heard County Sheriffs Office at 706-675-3329, or you may email and your information will be forwarded to the authorities.