Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

When and where did she disappear?

Natalie was last seen just after midnight July 5th, 2020 as she left a friends lake house in Jackson Gap, Alabama. The house is in the 200 block of River Chase Drive, is North of Opelika, AL.

Her Vehicle

Natalie was driving a Pink in color Chevy Cavalier that has blue stripes on the side. The vehicle is displaying a GA Tag #RVE6177. It has a Heard County sticker on the tag.

Please be aware the vehicle was spray painted Pink and may be it’s original Red in color.

Clothing and Tattoos

The last time Natalie was seen, she was wearing a Pink Blouse, White Shorts and black sandals with bows.

Natalie has the following tattoos:
“Isaac” on her left wrist
“Trent” on her right wrist
A star diagram from shoulder to shoulder on her back
A baby foot print on her right foot.

Phone and Credit / Debit Cards

Natalie has an iPhone, according to the Heard County Sheriffs Office the last “ping” came from Natalie’s phone early in the morning of July 5th, 2020 to a tower located in Heard County, GA. This information is somewhat unreliable however.

Information on Natalie’s financial cards is being withheld as part of the investigation, however law enforcement does have the means to view and be notified of their use.

The Search

At the outset of the investigation the family worked with the Heard County Sheriffs Department to identify the likely route that would have been used to return home from Jackson Gap. After the Sheriffs Office learned of the “ping” from her phone and working with their partners in other offices, they conducted searches both on foot and using helicopters.

Many volunteers have scoured the roads leading from Jacksons Gap to the Franklin area where she lived. Unfortunately, some situations have occurred where volunteers have trespassed onto private property. The family highly discourages this. While every attempt to locate Natalie is very much appreciated, the family ask that no one breaks the law or assumes things about individuals while doing so. Natalie’s disappearances has caused enough of a emotional impact as it is, they do not want to see anyone else negatively impacted.

Please also be aware, the actions of those attempting to help may actually hinder the investigation and ultimately the safety of Natalie. We ask that you continue to share, pray and keep checking sources like this website and the Facebook group and page. If a search party is needed the Sheriff’s office has informed us they will let us know and we will give more information about when and where you can help if available.

If you see Natalie or her vehicle, call 911 from your location.

If you have information regarding Natalie’s whereabouts or any other information you think may help please contact the Heard County Sheriffs Office at 706-675-3329, or you may email and your information will be forwarded to the authorities.