Help us find Natalie, what you can do!

What can I do to help?

The Family has been blown away by the support of the community in the fight to bring Natalie home where she belongs.

While every form of help is appreciated, it’s important that we focus on the goal, to spread her name and photos far and wide so that the right person knows who she is and what to do when they see her or her vehicle.

Share, Share, Share! Please visit our Facebook, Twitter or copy and paste this site and share it on social media. It’s the quickest way to get the information to people!

Print, Post, Repeat! You can visit our page here and print out any of the most up to date flyers. Post them anywhere you can. Going on vacation through Alabama or anywhere in the South East? Take a hand-full with you and post them along the way. If you are willing to post flyers but don’t have the ability to print them yourself, please email with the area you will be able to cover and how many you need, we will do our best to get you some.

Donate! The family has created a gofundme page to help collect money for a cash reward for information leading to her return. A small amount will be used to produce flyers for those that are willing to help pass them out, but are unable to print them themselves.

Pray! Let us all pray tell heaven hears us loud and clear, for Natalie’s safe return home!

If you see Natalie or her vehicle, call 911 from your location.

If you have information regarding Natalie’s whereabouts or any other information you think may help please contact the Heard County Sheriffs Office at 706-675-3329, or you may email and your information will be forwarded to the authorities.